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A Break thru in IP GPS Mobile Location Based Services (LBS), Tracking, and Mobile Social Media Management Solutions. “WS mobile Application”… Is a Game Changing convention for Mobile Government, Social, & Mobile Commercial networking.



WS Mobile Application: Vision, Strategy, and Execution


Deliver superior awareness experience

·         A service to enable users and businesses to learn, share & participate

·         Reliability “Always on”


Leverage the uniqueness of Smartphones Tablets’ Location detection

·         Create unique value for ALL users & networks

·         Drive efficiency through collaboration

·         Partner for growth – Cross User Community

·         Invest in Talent – Attract, Retain, Engage


User Participation & Loyalty

·         Technical excellence & knowledge culture

·         Solid learning and teaching foundation

·         Build to build

·         Lead social networking excellence

·         Innovate to differentiate


Country-wide Internet "Communities"

A ”Community is a group of interacting people, living in some proximity (i.e., in space, time, or relationship). "Community" usually refers to a social unit larger than a household that shares common values and has social cohesion.

In a typical Community, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks; all may be present minimally and common affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.

On the Internet, the “community” has less geographical limitation, as people can virtually gather online and share common interests regardless of physical location. Prior to the internet, virtual communities (like social or academic organizations) were limited by constraints of available communication and transportation technologies.


Country-Wide Internet "Social Capital"

An Association is a group in which the individuals are motivated to take part in the group purely by self-interest or Sense of Duty. In practice, no group is either a pure "community" or pure "association“. 

If a community exists, then both freedom and security may exist and takes on a life of its own, as people become free enough to share and are secure enough to get along. The sense of connectedness and formation of social networks comprise the Social Capital.

Social capital is "the collective value of all social networks (who people know) and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other. 

Four elements form the "sense of community":

·         Membership

·         Influence

·         Integration and fulfillment of needs

·         Shared emotional connection.   


People need four places:

·         Home, and Friends,

·         Office or social gathering

·         Community hangout or gathering place

With this philosophy in mind, many grassroots efforts are being started to create this "Third Place" communities. They are taking form in independent bookstores, coffeehouses, Chat rooms and Internet Social sites, and through new and innovative means to create the social capital needed to foster the sense and spirit of community.  


Internet Community "Interactions"

Community Interactions (many small Interactions leading to a large Interaction/Relationship) are committed at different layers:

·         Beliefs –

·         Perceptions –

·         Thoughts –

·         Emotions –

·         Actions


The Mobile Smartphone’s/Tablet’s pervasiveness could no longer be denied as Web is flattish but mobile is growing like a weed. A significant shift is going on from web to mobile; mostly in games, social networking, music, and news as well as across the board and presents both; great opportunity and challenges.

Mobile native services have the most to gain but feature rich web apps like Facebook and Google have the most to lose from this transition. Mobile rewards small, application specific, feature light services. The phone is the equivalent of the web application and the mobile apps you have on your home screen are the features.


Social to business Services Insights

By organizing small business owners, supplementary service providers, and customers on a single canonical set of data, WS not only provides new ways for customers to discover local businesses but also creates new ways for local businesses to interact with customers.

WS is moving from “listing” services to “automation” of services, stitching these Internet services deep into the nervous system of the target industry. 

Along that data spine, customers can add reviews, limousine services. Florists can enhance the dining experience and our location-aware Smartphone app can tell you what restaurant within walking distance of where you are has a table available right now. The “offering” is the complete network, not just one specific piece, and the pieces alone are less compelling! 

We combine two new technologies; mobility and location to improve communication, interaction; and overall customer/user experience.


Internal Facing Customer Capabilities

The Basic Model


Mobile Solutions & Services

Mobile and Location-Based Services Architecture & Operations Management:

Mobile Social Computing:

·         InTouch   

·         Whisper Mobile


Large-Scale Mobile Collaboration:         

·         How “busy” is a destination!


Mobile Data:

Linking Information between Mobile devices via proximity


Usable Privacy and Security:

·         Contextual Instant Messaging

·         People Finder

·         Service Finder

·         Grey: Access Restriction to Branches, Areas, or Regions


Memory Support:

Memory Karaoke


“WS Application” Solutions & Services

Mobile Social & Commercial Computing


WS is an infrastructure system that uses GPS to determine precise location of a vehicle, person, or an asset recording the position in regular intervals. The recorded location is stored and managed by the system, and/or transmitted to a central location database, or internet-connected server, using a cellular (GPRS and/or SMS). This allows the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later.

WS then provides a program-level service to be used as specific controls for location and time data management to achieve a number of uses in Social and Commercial Networking. Information which is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and which uses information on the geographical position of the mobile device.

WS exploits the remarkable expansion of the Smartphone and Tablet markets.

Examples of location-based services:

·     Recommending social events in a city.

·     Turn by turn navigation to any address.

·     Receiving alerts, i.e, notification of a sale on groceries or warning of traffic jam.

·  Asset recovery combined with active RF to find, for example, stolen assets in containers where GPS would not work.

·    Real-time Q&A revolving around restaurants, services, and other venues.

·    Requesting the nearest business or service, such as an ATM or restaurant.

·    Locating people on a map displayed on the mobile phone.

·     Location-based mobile advertising.

·    Games where your location is part of the game play, for example your movements during your day make your avatar move in the game or your position unlocks content.


“WS Application” Mobile Social Computing:

 Mobile “InTouch عالبال”  Social Approach


Mobile “InTouch عالبال” Services:

Involves closer coordination capabilities for Families, Projects Teams, and all other Social and Business small groups


·         Make it easier to coordinate with others while mobile:


o    Better awareness and messaging


·         Target Users:

o    Small to medium groups of people

o    Fluid and demanding schedule

o    Multiple responsibilities


o    Dual-career families

o    Work groups

o    Ad hoc (ex. conferences)

o    Carpools

·         Make it easier to coordinate with others while mobile

o    Better awareness

o    Contextual messaging


·         Shared calendar

·         Shared to-be lists

·         Reminders

·         Real-time location

·         Proximity


“WS Application” Mobile Social Computing:

 Mobile “Whisper همسة”  Social Approach


Mobile “Whisper همسةServices:

Involves structured coordination capabilities for Families, Project Teams, & other Social/ Business Groups for Events



Make it easy to find, share, and coordinate with friends going to social events, conferences, or business meetings.


Minimal text input:

·         Use Location

·         Use Audio

·         Use Camera


“WS Application” Solutions  & Services:

 Mobile Large-Scale Collaboration


Most location-based services are about where you are

“Hitchhike -عالطريق ” is about the “busyness & availability” of places:

·         “Is the café busy?”

·         “How long are the lines at the airport?”

·         Is there any parking at the shopping district?

·         Where is the nearest available taxi cab?


Large-Scale Mobile “Commercial” Collaboration:

Mobile “Hitchhike - عالطريق   Commercial Approach



·         Upload anonymized counts only

·         Upload from approved places only

·         Our server shows “busyness/availability” of a place only




·         Cheap, uses existing devices (everyone is a “sensor”)

·         Deployable, don’t have to set up lots of new sensors

·         Privacy

                                                     What’s next?              Map visualizations


“WS Application” Solutions  & Services:

 Mobile Data & Information



Make it easy to access useful information while mobile


Observation #1:

 People still tend to print out online maps, despite having mobile device. Why?

·         Found it via desktop, easier to print than to copy to mobile (i.e Darb system).

·         Slow or expensive wireless connections.

·         Inconvenient form factor on mobile device.


Observation #2:

People don’t do the same kind of web browsing on mobile phones as on desktops

·         Don’t have to support all information finding tasks, just one is more likely to be done when mobile management function



·         Let people explicitly flag info/offers to mobile repository/history

·         Let businesses implicitly flag info/ads to mobile repository/history

scans “proximity” pages seen for potentially useful stuff


·         Look for known data types, make mobile data more useful

Ex. Augment maps with speech-based directions


Copy (to mobile in the background)



·         Organize data based on common data types.

·         Street addresses, product comparisons, phone numbers


Reduces number of clicks to get to useful information

·         Can support specific information finding tasks while mobile

·         Currently: directions, products, services

·         Future: Movies, phone #s, dates and times, recent emails



Works even if you don’t have wide-area wireless

·         Works disconnected (no network or don’t want to pay)

·         Only needs personal area network (Bluetooth)



“WS Application” Solutions  & Services:

Mobile User Privacy and Security


Mobile devices becoming integrated into everyday life

·         Mobile communication

·         Sharing location information with others

·         Remote access to home

·         Mobile e-commerce


Managing security and privacy policies is easy:

·         Preferences easy to articulate

·         Policies easy to specify

·         Functionally appropriate input and output

                   Leads to new sources of convergence and satisfaction


Our Goal:

Develop core set of technologies for managing privacy and security on mobile devices:

·         Simple UIs for specifying policies

·         Clear notifications and explanations of what happened

·         Better visualizations to summarize results

·         Machine learning for learning preferences

·         Start with small evaluations, continue with large-scale ones


“WS Application” User Privacy & Security:

 Mobile Contextual Instant  Messaging


Facilitate coordination and communication by letting people request contextual information via IM:

·         Interruptibility

·         Location

·         Active window



Developed custom client:

·         Client captures and sends context

·         People can query for information

·         “How busy is username”

·         Contains privacy rules governing disclosure


“WS Application” User Privacy & Security:

 Mobile People Finder


·         Location useful for micro-coordination

o    Meeting up

o    Okayness checking


·         Phone-based client

o    GSM localization


·         Depends on how people specify rules (& how well)


·         Depends on how well machine learning can learn preferences


“WS Application” User Privacy & Security:

 Mobile Machine Learning


  • Using case-based reasoning (CBR)

o    “My colleagues can only see my location on weekdays and only between 8am and 6pm”

o    It’s now 6:15pm, so the CBR might allow, or interactively ask

  •  Choosing CBR over other machine learning:

o    Better dialogs with users (ie more understandable)

o    Can be done as you go (rather than accumulating large corpus and doing post-hoc)


“WS Application” User Privacy & Security:

 Mobile Service Finder 


·         Location useful for micro-coordination

o    Service request

o    Service schedule

o    Okayness/Status checking

·         Phone-based client

o    GSM localization

·         Depends on how Service providers  specify rules (& how well)

·         Depends on how well machine learning can learn service preferences


“WS Application” User Privacy & Security:

 Mobile Grey Access Zones


Distributed smart phone -based access control system

·         Physical locations and associated resources like office doors and computers

·         Electronic ones like computer accounts and electronic files



Proofs assembled from credentials

·         No central access control list

·         End-users can create flexible policies


Proactive policies

·         Manually create a policy beforehand

·         “Mohammad can always enter my office at Branch”



Reactive policies

·         Create a policy based on a request

·         “Can I get into Abu Dhabi Branch office?”

·         Grey sees who is responsible for resource, and forwards request (Might select from multiple people like owner, secretary, etc..)

·         Can add the user, add time limits too


“WS Application” Solutions  & Services: 

Mobile Memory Support


Phone-based system for achieving and enhancing the cognitive experience

·         Take pictures with camera phone

·         Tag with location, time

·         Tell stories about them


Internet Usage:

Each Location point cost approximately 1 Fils (= .001 JD). For a 10 seconds frequency of updates of a total of 5 hours of location tracking; cost is 1.8 JOD.

 The unit can be set to update its location upon direction change to save on usage, it can also control the update frequency from 10 sec to 1, 2,  min


Privacy Issues:

“Carrier-centric" services involving sending any message to the end user without specifically opting-in is NOT appreciated usually by users and becoming ethically and legally questionable.

 As a result, we focus on User-centric location-based services and applications which gives the user control of the experience, typically by opting in first via a website or mobile interface  

Beside the legal framework, there exist several technical approaches to protect privacy SmartTrek offers an on/off switch and allows to stick one ' s position to a free definable location.

Another set of techniques included are the Location obfuscation, which slightly alter the location of the users hiding their real location while still being able to represent their position and receive services from their LBS provider.


Mobile Messaging:

Mobile messaging plays an essential role in LBS. Messaging, especially SMS, has been used in combination with various LBS applications, such as location-based mobile advertising.


Pre-requisite Scenarios:

Download Package to mobile, Install and run


Fill-in the following base data:


·         First Name:            <>

·         Family Name:        <>

·         User Name:           <>

·         Password:              <>  --Change password?—


The System checks and verifies Username if it exits already


·         Email Address:   <>

An email confirmation is sent to the user ' s email address to supply password and grant access to the mobile app.


·         Add photo (User to browse to upload own photo either from mobile or from PC)

·         Mobile Number:             <>


1st Access Scenario:

The User can access own map and define on interest locations to be seen by visitors of their community:

·         Each location defined needs to have a place title, photo, place description, Icon and a   public option radio button.

·         The User owner of a community should have own differentiated Icon.

·         This Icon should popup a standard profile page. This popup page needs to be a standard page that should also be equally usable for businesses.

·         The popup profile page should also include basic status info and latest tweets.

·         Basic tasks should also be allowed for the map owner to Add, Remove, Invite, Share, and Rate own defined locations.

·         On the map, owner can specify her/his to-be-list and the system can report/alert based of proximity of real location and time to the list.

·         User Owner Icons reflect emotions as selected by User.

·         The User owner can take a photo in a location and tie this Picture to the map in a special Photo icon (a standard photo icon across the whole system).


2.  Setup User Policies


·         Share closest calculated relative Location info            [radio button]

·         Share approximate location relative to defined way points     [radio button]

·         Share mobile number                                  [radio button]

·         Update My Location Automatically        [radio button]

·         Update Every                [drop Down - 10 sec, 30, 1 min, 5, 10, 30, 1 hour]

·         Enable Tracking             [radio button]

·         Track Last                    [drop Down - 3 locations, 5, 10, or Trip start-to-end]


3. Setup "InTouch" settings


·         Send "inTouch" messages         [radio button]

·         Receive "inTouch" messages     [radio button]


 4. Setup "Whispers" settings

·         Send "Whispers" messages                 [radio button]

·         Receive "Whispers" messages    [radio button]


5. Setup "Mobile Community Groups"

Community Group is a "Mobile Community Uniform Resource Locator (MCURL)"

 Default Groups are:

·         Each User ' s Own -Family- Community [:::Family]

·         Each User ' s Own -Friends- Community [:::Friends]

·         Each User ' s Own -Colleagues- Community [:::Colleagues]

·         Each User ' s Own -Business- Community [:::Business] 

·         Each User ' s Own -Public- Community [:::Public]


Create "New" MCURL :

·         Define MC Name/title

·         MC Description text

·         Invite Others to [non-default groups] based on Category relationship of invitee (i.e Family, Friend, Colleague, Client etc..)


“WS Application” Solutions  & Services:

 Mobile Data & Information

Ability to bookmark MCURL…


Ex:        Jor:Amm:ArabBank:com





















Production Steps:

1.    Access WS mobile App.

2.    Enter the User Name and Password

3.    Enter "Community Group" name you wish to be part of.. 

4.    Interact with own communities on which user is subscribed



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