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Bandwidth Management & Control


The key to determining how much Internet bandwidth is necessary for your Network use; is through understanding which applications your users are frequently using and how much Internet Bandwidth are those different applications and services in turn are using both on your backbone infrastructure and your ISP ' s direct connection..


Your deployment of your network infrastructure and your Internet link Bandwidth is a significant investment that could be greatly enhanced by understanding users’ behavior and usage and by consequently assessing user requirements and expectations and using the right measurement techniques to deploy traffic engineering and policing for your network Infrastructure.
Users’ perceived speed of the network connection depends largely on the following: 
  • Throughput
  • Latency
  • Type of Information transmitted (Protocol)
  • The Way information is applied (Processing)
A communications network forms the backbone of any successful organization. These networks transport a multitude of applications and data, including high-quality video and delay-sensitive data such as real-time voice. The bandwidth-intensive applications stretch network capabilities and resources, but also complement, add value, and enhance every business process. 
Networks must provide secure, predictable, measurable, and sometimes guaranteed services. Achieving the required Quality of Service (QoS) by managing the delay, delay variation (jitter), bandwidth, and packet loss parameters on a network becomes the secret to a successful end-to-end business solution. Thus, QoS is the set of techniques to manage network resources.

For voice and video traffic types to traverse IP networks in a secure, reliable, and toll-quality manner, QoS must be enabled. 

White Seagull QoS solution allows you to:
  • Simplify network operations by collapsing all data, voice, and video network traffic onto a single backbone.
  • Enable new network applications, such as integrated call center applications and video-based training, that can help differentiate enterprises in their respective market spaces.
  • Control resource use by controlling which traffic receives which resources. 
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